Loud music fails to die down at Anjuna coast

Authorities unresponsive despite repeated plaints

THE GOAN NETWORK | MAY 27, 2024, 01:09 AM IST

If the Calangute coastal belt in Goa is facing severe pressure on its road infrastructure due to an influx of domestic tourists, the Anjuna coastline remains plagued by the persistent issue of loud music.

Despite repeated complaints from residents, music continues to be blasted by commercial outlets, particularly during weekends.

The problem is particularly acute along the Anjuna-Vagator coastline, where popular nightclubs such as House of Chapora, Salud, Romeo Lane, etc regularly flout the rules.

These establishments have become synonymous with loud music, especially on weekends when tourist influx peaks.

Despite repeated complaints from the residents, the authorities seem unresponsive.

Dr Inacio Fernandes, a resident of Anjuna, expressed his frustration: “It’s the same old story. Nothing has changed as the same culprits continue to blast music beyond the mandatory 10 pm deadline. There is no point in calling the cops as they refuse to attend to our calls. We know that the police are also under pressure.”

The issue seemed to gain political attention when Chief Minister Pramod Sawant assured the public that stringent measures would be taken to curb loud music after 10 pm.

However, this assurance appears to have been ineffective.

Initially, there was a brief period when the volume was reduced, but the situation quickly reverted to the norm, with loud music resuming unabated.

Local residents had placed high hopes on the CM’s statement, expecting a decisive crackdown on the perennial offenders.

Sagardeep Sirsaikar, a resident of Vagator and one of the petitioners against loud music in the High Court, remarked, “We expected the CM’s statement would put fear among the offenders. But alas it was not to be. The clubs continue to play loud music while the cops refuse to take action.”

The inaction extends beyond the police force.

Despite several directions from the High Court and even contempt petitions, there has been little to no enforcement of the regulations.

Many locals believe that these clubs operate with impunity due to their connections and political patronage.

A resident, requesting anonymity, lamented, “Looks like nobody cares about the orders of the court. It appears that this place is turning into a lawless state. Sad state of affairs.”

The ongoing loud music not only disturbs the peace but also raises questions about the balance between tourism-driven economic benefits and the quality of life for local residents.

While tourism is vital to the region’s economy, unchecked activities that disrupt daily life can erode the social fabric and lead to broader societal issues.

The Anjuna-Vagator noise issue underscores a critical need for more robust enforcement of existing laws and a re-evaluation of the relationship between tourism and community welfare.

For meaningful change to occur, it will require not only government action but also a commitment from local businesses to respect the regulations and the rights of residents.

Until then, the nightly cacophony remains a symbol of unfulfilled promises and regulatory shortcomings.

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