Wednesday 17 Jul 2024

MLA catches man dumping garbage on Cortalim communidade land

| JULY 10, 2024, 01:19 AM IST



Cortalim MLA Anton Vas caught a man red-handed while dumping garbage and debris on Cortalim Communidade land late Sunday night.

Vas, who was returning home from Consua after inspecting fallen trees earlier that day, was alerted by a Panch member about a suspicious truck in the area.

Acting swiftly, Vas, with the help of local youth, apprehended the individual.

"This is one of the biggest problems in the Cortalim constituency. Similar acts have been committed on Quelossim Communidade land and in Sancoale, where no open area is free from dumped garbage and debris,” said Vas.

“Residents of Sancoale and Quelossim had also complained about nighttime dumping of garbage and sewage, causing significant environmental and health hazards. People of Sancoale have also complained to me that water tankers dump sewage at night, and the area stinks a lot. I have been trying to catch these culprits for some time, but they always evade us because they come very late at night,” said Vas

Vas demanded immediate action from authorities, insisting on the arrest of the perpetrator and the suspension of the vehicle involved.

"This person should be immediately arrested, and his vehicle should be suspended for any movement. These offenders must learn a lesson, or else they will continue to create such mischief, posing a health hazard and making our constituency dirty by dumping garbage at various locations.”

“I have asked Verna police to take prompt action, noting the lack of response from the company allegedly responsible. The people from the company are not answering calls, and the only way out is to get this person arrested immediately and compound his vehicle,” said Vas.

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