Saturday 20 Jul 2024

Mormugao Council asks property owners to cooperate in reassessment process

The Goan Network | FEBRUARY 12, 2024, 01:05 AM IST


Mormugao Municipal Council (MMC) has issued a public notice asking property owners to cooperate in the reassessment process. MMC Chairperson Girish Borkar informed reporters that MMC plans to commence the reassessment process with immediate effect.

“It is being brought to the notice of the Public and particularly property owners/occupiers/Taxpayers of Ward No.1 to 25 within the jurisdiction of MMC that the reassessment of houses/premises will commence with immediate effect. The reassessment of house tax aims to ensure fairness and accuracy in the determination of property taxes levied by the MMC. This process will involve a thorough review of property assessment to reflect current charges and any changes in property conditions,” said Borkar.

“We understand that property taxation is an important issue for our residents, and we are committed to ensuring that the reassessment process is conducted with integrity and fairness. Our aim is to maintain a balanced and equitable taxation system that supports the growth and development of our municipality. Therefore, all property owners are required to cooperate with the designated officials during the reassessment process. This includes providing access to the properties for inspection and providing accurate information regarding recent renovations, additions, or changes in property usage,” said Borkar.

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