Motorists and pedestrians struggle as Angod’s roads left in ruins

The Goan Network | JUNE 10, 2024, 01:58 AM IST
Motorists and pedestrians struggle  as Angod’s roads left in ruins

Deep gashes across the roads in Angod pose commuting challenges for motorists in Mapusa.

Photo Credits: Agnelo Pereira


The two main roads in Angod leading to Mapusa church are in a state of disarray, making it difficult for motorists and pedestrians to navigate.

The roads, dug up for underground cabling, have not been properly repaired, resulting in large potholes exacerbated by recent incessant rains.

The streets have been cut across in at least a dozen places, creating hazardous conditions for commuters. The road in front of a local nursing home is particularly affected, as authorities failed to repair it after the completion of the cabling work.

Pratik Shirodkar, a local shop owner, mentioned that the Public Works Department (PWD) had started patching up the broken roads but halted the work when the monsoon began, leaving it incomplete.

Two weeks ago, The Goan highlighted the poor condition of these roads. Despite this, the situation has not improved, and locals continue to express frustration over the lack of responsiveness from authorities.

Simon Dias, a local resident, lamented the inconvenience caused by the unfinished road repairs. “These are the crucial roads we use to travel to the church. For the next four months, we will have to suffer due to the sloppy attitude of those in power,” Dias said.

A PWD official confirmed that road repairs had begun but were halted due to the rains. “We have refrained from hot-mixing the road because the water department is planning to install a new pipeline in the area. We will resume the work soon after the monsoon,” the official stated.

The residents of Angod are left hoping for a prompt resolution to their commuting woes once the monsoon season ends.

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