Over Rs 50 lakh to be spent on bungalow, office of two ministers


PANAJI: While the state is facing a financial crunch, the Public Works Department (PWD) has decided to spend over Rs half a crore on the renovation of the official bungalow of the PWD minister at Altinho and the Secretariat office of the Sports Minister.
The Public Works Department has floated a tender for the renovation work of PWD Minister's official bungalow "Heramb" at Altinho in Panaji estimated to cost of Rs 28.43 lakh. Another tender has been floated too for renovation of Sports Minister's cabin (No 207) in the Secretariat Ministers Block. The estimated cost for the bid is around Rs 5.73 lakh.
The bungalow will be totally renovated including replacement of tiles, modification of the kitchen etc. The total cost of renovation for both the structures is estimated to cross over Rs 50 lakh. Besides normal painting, the renovation work also will include the furniture work.
The sports minister's office will get two costly tables costing around 30 thousand. The doors, windows frames will be replaced and this is estimated to cost around Rs 2 lakh. The wood on the walls of the cabin will be replaced with the plywood.  

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