Planning Dubai visit: Now comply with new visa rules

CLINTON D’SOUZA | MAY 24, 2024, 01:17 AM IST
Planning Dubai visit: Now comply with new visa rules

Are you planning to visit Dubai? Then be prepared and one must show AED 3,000 cash or credit, return ticket and your proof of stay. Dubai authorities have introduced strict entry requirements for visitors on visit visas. 

Travellers must carry AED 3,000 in cash or credit, a valid return ticket, and proof of accommodation. This new rule aims to ensure visitors have sufficient funds and a clear plan for their stay in Dubai.

Reports indicate that some passengers who failed to meet these requirements have faced significant issues. Several travellers were stopped at Indian airports and prevented from boarding their flights to Dubai. Others found themselves stranded at UAE airports upon arrival, unable to enter the country due to non-compliance with the new regulations.

Cash or credit proof

To comply with the new rules, visitors must show they have the equivalent of AED 3,000 in any currency. This can be in cash or a valid credit card. The purpose is to confirm that travellers have enough money to support themselves during their visit. This measure is expected to reduce the number of overstays and ensure visitors can cover their expenses while in Dubai.

Proof of stay

In addition to financial proof, travellers need to provide an address where they will be staying. This could be the home of a relative or friend, or a hotel booking. Ensuring that visitors have pre-arranged accommodation helps authorities manage the influx of tourists and reduces the risk of individuals staying illegally in the UAE.

Airport checks for compliance

These checks are now a part of the pre-boarding process at various airports. Authorities are vigilant in verifying that all required documents and proof are presented before travellers board their flights to Dubai. These measures are not just limited to the UAE; airports in India and other countries are also enforcing these requirements to prevent non-compliant passengers from travelling.

Why this new rule?

It will have an impact on Tourism: Officials believe that these stringent checks will have a positive impact on Dubai's tourism sector. By ensuring that visitors have enough funds and a confirmed place to stay, authorities aim to create a more transparent and secure travel experience. This step is seen as beneficial in maintaining Dubai’s reputation as a safe and welcoming destination.

Authorities have expressed that these measures are crucial for maintaining order and transparency in the tourism sector. Ensuring that visitors meet all entry requirements helps in avoiding discrepancies and potential legal issues that arise from overstaying. This proactive approach is expected to enhance the overall travel experience and uphold the integrity of Dubai’s tourism industry.

Dubai’s new entry requirements for visit visa holders are designed to safeguard both the visitors and the city’s tourism sector. By requiring proof of sufficient funds, return tickets, and confirmed accommodation, Dubai aims to ensure that all visitors can support themselves and have a clear plan for their stay.

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