Police crack down on unverified tenants in Tivim, 96 arrested

THE GOAN NETWORK | MAY 24, 2024, 01:13 AM IST

In a decisive early morning operation, the Colvale Police conducted a significant tenant verification drive in the notorious Lala Ki Basti in Tivim.

This initiative led to the arrest of 96 individuals who were living in the area without valid documentation and failing to submit the mandatory tenant verification applications.

The surprise operation, carried out on Thursday, was prompted by a series of theft cases reported in the region. The police aimed to curb the rising incidents of burglaries by ensuring that all tenants in the area were properly verified.

This preventive measure was deemed necessary following a recent burglary where gold ornaments worth Rs 1.9 lakh were stolen from a locked house in Auchinwada-Tivim.

During the operation, the police searched all tenants living in Lala Ki Basti. They detained 96 individuals after discovering that the landlords had failed to fill out and submit the required Tenant Verification Forms to the police station. These forms are crucial for maintaining records of tenants and aiding in crime prevention.

The detainees were arrested under preventive action pursuant to Section 41 of the Criminal Procedure Code (CrPC) Act. Subsequently, they were presented before the Deputy Collector and later released.

The recent spike in thefts in Tivim has been a cause for concern among residents and authorities. In a notable incident last week, burglars targeted a house in Tivim, stealing gold and silver valuables estimated at Rs 1.9 lakh.

Police sources indicated that Lala Ki Basti has been a focal point for criminal activities, with many criminals allegedly taking refuge there.

“We had our eyes on this location. We will continue to monitor the activities of these tenants,” a police source stated.

Thursday’s operation was led by PSI Subhash Gaonkar, under the supervision of Police Inspector Vijay Rane. The police team efficiently executed the raid, ensuring that the legal requirements were met and that the community’s safety was prioritised.

The Colvale Police’s crackdown on unverified tenants in Lala Ki Basti is a significant step towards enhancing security in Tivim.

By enforcing the submission of tenant verification forms, the police aim to reduce the likelihood of criminal activities and ensure a safer environment for residents.

The ongoing surveillance and preventive measures reflect the authorities’ commitment to maintaining law and order in the region.

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