Thursday 18 Apr 2024

Pushing limits: Goa’s traffic troubles exposed as tourists occupy even boot space of rented car


In an eyebrow-raising incident that has set social media abuzz, a tourist’s unconventional solution to space constraints has sparked both amusement and concern among netizens.

The peculiar event unfolded late Tuesday evening in the vibrant tourist hub of Candolim.

Reports indicate that within a group of 10 tourists, one individual resorted to an unorthodox measure when faced with limited space inside a rented sedan. Witness accounts reveal that the tourist attempted to enter the car’s dicky, presumably in a bid to accommodate the excess number of passengers.

Adding to the surreal scene, another member of the group was found perched on the lap of a fellow passenger, further highlighting the cramped conditions within the vehicle.

The viral video capturing the peculiar incident, purportedly filmed by a tourist-taxi driver, shed light on the tourists’ predicament.

In the footage, the videographer can be heard informing the group that the recording serves as a means to alert the rent-a-car owner, potentially resulting in a hefty threefold increase in charges as a consequence of their violation.

Although details regarding any formal complaints lodged with the Calangute Traffic Cell remain undisclosed, such occurrences underscore a broader trend of tourists flouting traffic regulations in the coastal State.

Instances of tourists engaging in reckless behaviour, such as sitting atop vehicles or driving on beaches, have regrettably become all too common across various regions of the State.

Despite concerted efforts by the Goa Police to curb such misconduct, including instances of punitive action against offending tourists, the persistence of these infractions underscores the enduring challenge of enforcing traffic discipline in the tourist haven.

The incident serves as a stark reminder of the need for greater awareness and adherence to traffic laws among visitors to Goa, ensuring the safety and integrity of its bustling tourist landscape.

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