Wednesday 17 Jul 2024

Rain wrath inflicts severe damage to Goa’s power infra

THE GOAN NETWORK | JULY 10, 2024, 12:39 AM IST


The relentless downpour over the past three days has caused extensive damage to life and property in the State.

Among the worst-hit sectors is the State's electricity infrastructure, with more than 70 electricity poles reported damaged due to the severe weather conditions.

Continuous rain has led to the uprooting of trees, many of which have fallen onto power lines, causing significant damage.

In some instances, the fallen trees have brought down electricity poles, compounding the damage and disruption.

"A total of more than 70 electricity poles have been damaged," confirmed a senior engineer from the office of the Chief Electrical Engineer. "The estimated loss to the department is around Rs 40 to Rs 50 lakh."

The damage has been widespread across several regions.

Approximately 15 electricity poles were damaged in the areas of Bicholim, Sanquelim, and Valpoi, while Pernem taluka reported damage to 12 poles.

In the southern parts of the state, Sanguem, Quepem, and Canacona saw 22 poles damaged.

Additionally, 14 poles were found damaged in Porvorim.

Despite the extensive damage, the electricity department has implemented measures to minimise the impact on consumers.

"As soon as a calamity occurs, the department has protocols in place to restore supply by re-routing power through other transformers," the senior engineer explained.

"This ensures that consumers experience minimal disruption," he added.

Simultaneously, repair and restoration work is being undertaken on a priority basis.

"Nearly 60 percent of the work to erect new electricity poles has already been completed," the engineer added, highlighting the department's commitment to swiftly restoring normalcy.

The ongoing efforts by the electricity department underscore the challenges faced by infrastructure systems during severe weather events and the importance of rapid response and efficient management in mitigating such crises.

The department's proactive measures are aimed at ensuring the resilience of the power supply and reducing the hardship faced by residents in the affected areas.

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