Reginaldo writes to PWD Minister demanding protection of footpaths



Curtorim MLA Reginaldo Lourence has dashed off a letter to PWD Minister Nilesh Cabral to ensure the protection of footpaths, roadside buildings, reducing curb boundary stones and pathway level.

In his letter, he drew the minister’s attention that over a period of years, new hot mixes are laid over old hot mixes resulting in road levels being elevated and resulting in many places footpaths, curbstones on road dividers and traffic islands, etc are either coming to road levels or even going below.

Saying that this has resulted in a dangerous situation as vehicles can climb over footpaths easily resulting in mishaps, Reginaldo further said that two-wheelers recklessly drive over these footpaths which could result in injury to pedestrians walking on the footpaths.

He called upon the minister to remove older layers of the hot mix before laying the new ones by scarifying them.

“Such scarifying machines are available in the market and the scarified material of aggregates can easily be recycled and used as per the state-of-the-art technology available,” he said while requesting the government and PWD Minister to adopt this technology and enhance the safety of pedestrians.

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