Reserve 80% jobs in private sector for Goan youth, Vijai proposes govt policy

THE GOAN NETWORK | MAY 24, 2024, 01:25 AM IST

Demanding a White Paper on the employment scenario in the State in the next session of the Goa Legislative Assembly, Goa Forward chief Vijai Sardesai Thursday warned that the regional party will have no option but to take the management of pharma companies head-on if the government fails to act and allow the companies to have a free run.

Insisting on a government policy on labour and employment, wherein 80 per cent of the jobs in the private sector are reserved for the local youth, Sardesai said the Goa Forward will next target the banks and the department of posts for denying job opportunities to the Goan unemployed youth.

Addressing the media, the Goa Forward chief called upon the government to bring in regulation or create a policy to protect job opportunities that local Goans rightfully deserve. “The government has no mechanism to track the number of Goans employed in private industries. I have been demanding in the Assembly about this but the government pays no heed,” he said.

Saying that the government had no knowledge about the recruitment drive planned by Indoco company and Encube Ethicals outside the State, Sardesai said the time has come for the government to take a cue from these two instances and frame a policy to protect the interests of the local youth.

He recalled how the GFP led by him had stormed into Cipla to warn them to recruit Goans, adding, “On 15th September 2017, When GFP was part of the Parrikar government, we had once again warned Cipla for advertising in neighbouring States for the vacancies at Goa plant.”

He added: “Industries in Goa are given incentives by the government and these companies now want to recruit people from neighbouring States, leaving our Goan youth unemployed. Since 2016, GFP has been constantly advocating and pressing that the Goa government bring in a policy to recruit 80% Goans in the private sector. For the last four years, GFP has been moving a bill demanding 80 per cent reservation for Goan youth in the private sector. But the govt is just mum on this bill and they allow it to lapse.”

Accusing the BJP government of not showing seriousness in addressing the issue, Sardesai warned that conducting recruitments by pharma companies in neighbouring States will one day change the entire demography of "our mankulem Goem". "This is dangerous for Goem Goemkar and Goemkarponn,” he added.

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