Revolution Day: Remembering Vishwanath Lawande

The Goan Network | JUNE 18, 2024, 12:40 AM IST


Goa commemorates its unsung heroes on June 18, known as Goa Revolution Day, celebrating those who fought for the State’s freedom through satyagraha. Vishwanath Narayan Lawande stands out as a beacon of hope in this struggle.

He actively participated in the satyagraha on June 18, 1946, and was subsequently arrested by Portuguese officials, spending eight days in Panaji police custody. Lawande faced brutal treatment as a freedom fighter, being detained and flogged multiple times.

He went on to found the Azad Gomantak Dal to further the fight for freedom. In recognition of his efforts, he was sentenced to 28 years of deportation and one year of imprisonment in absentia. His contributions are greatly valued and remembered.

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