Rs 10,000 fine, 6 months jail for drunken driving



Motorists found over-speeding or driving under the influence of alcohol will face a stiff penalty, with the State government launching a special drive against the two offences across the State from Tuesday.

The police have also decided to book parents under the Indian Penal code if they come across underage children driving vehicles on the road.

The Traffic Police Headquarters at Panaji issued a press note stating that motorists could face a fine of Rs 10,000 or 6 months in imprisonment or both, for drunken driving, during a special drive at night to be conducted by the Traffic Police and police of both districts.

"From August 2, a special drive will be undertaken at night time jointly by the Traffic Police and district police of both district against over-speeding and drunken driving,” states the press note release.

Sending a loud and clear message that no leniency will be shown to those found guilty of driving under the influence of liquor, Deputy Superintendent of Police, Traffic Dharmesh Angle said the police will enforce the drive from early Tuesday morning.

Terming as alarming the statistics showing that 31 more deaths took place in the State compared to last year, DySP Angle said the police has decided to come down heavily on drunken driving with a heavy hand. 

“The police will come down heavily on drunken driving all over the State. There will be enforcement throughout the day, especially to check drunken driving and cases of over-speeding”, he said.

He added: The police will descend on the ground from early Tuesday to book maximum cases in respect of traffic violations, including drunken driving and over-speeding”.

Saying that the police have come across underage children driving motorcycles, DySP Angle said “in such cases, we have decided to prosecute the parents for the fault of their wards. The parents will not be able to take the excuse their children have taken the vehicle without their knowledge. We will hold the parents responsible for the action of the children”.

Saying the police will mean business from Tuesday, he said no leniency will be shown to the traffic violators as the police will send the matter to the Courts after registering the FIRs.

To a question, DySP Angle said the police had in the past registered FIRs against drunken driving, but the drive had somewhat slowed down after public outcry. “Now, with the rising accident rate, including the fatalities, we have been left with no option than to come down heavily on the drunken driving”.

On fines imposed on the violators, he said imposing fines is a normal procedure, saying what the police now intend to do is register FIR against the guilty and prosecute them in the court.

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