Smart City work: Lack of clarity on ‘slight extension in deadline’

Citizens take to social media to slam ‘endless’ work

THE GOAN NETWORK | MAY 16, 2024, 01:30 AM IST
Smart City work: Lack of clarity on ‘slight extension in deadline’

The original deadline of May 31 inches closer, yet there’s an obvious lack of clarity regarding Imagine Panaji Smart City Development Limited’s “slight extension in deadline.”

The capital city’s condition continues to resemble a place ravaged by wars, courtesy: never-ending road-related works with excavation and re-excavation of various sites. 

Among these are the road segment from Altinho slope to Bhatulem – just recently excavated, the road near and from Caculo Mall, reworks along the market stretch, the perpendicular road from Mathias Plaza to the market, and the thoroughfare opposite the Old Education Department.

Besides, patchworks along 18th June Road, the entire expanse behind the military clinic near Rose Garden, and the St Inez stretch are among the plethora of road segments in Panaji that have become partially accessible for both residents and daily commuters alike. The Heliodoro Salgado Road, which was shut for several weeks, was opened just recently.

Moreover, the road approaching Old Goa Medical College from Patto-Ribandar causeway has added to the woes of the people. Whereas those areas where the sewerage works are complete, the treacherous roads are worrying locals.

The incomplete pavement works have further compounded the plight of citizens as roads remain blocked for even pedestrians.

Businessman and columnist Suhel Seth took to social media to slam the endless work while apprehending a “nothing smart” outcome of these works. “Whoever is in charge of Goa Smart City projects needs to worry. As does all of Goa. He/she/it seems to be the unsmartest of them all. They’ve made a mess of things. Smart City my foot. By the end of it there will be nothing smart and no city!” he stated.

“Sanjit Rodrigues and Babush Monserrate has promised to complete Smart City work in Panaji on or before May 31, 2024. This deadline date is sacrosanct to them. No extension to any pending work will be given. Let’s wait till May 31 and thereafter show them public power,” one of the aggrieved citizens, Uday Barad posted on his X handle, as several people vent their anger on social media against the delayed works.

With Goa also receiving brief spells of pre-monsoon showers, another X user Anurag Dabholkar posted, “Now they will blame these rains for delay in completing ‘smart city’ work in Panaji.”

A reply from Imagine Panaji Smart City Development Limited (IPSCDL) is awaited.

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