Tuesday 03 Aug 2021

State has total 332 foreign students: Central report

THE GOAN NETWORK | JUNE 15, 2021, 12:42 AM IST

A total of 332 foreign national students are presently studying in Goa among which the males (261) outnumber the females (71), according to a study conducted by the central education ministry higher education cell. 

The education ministry recently published the report on the foreign students studying in the country.

As per this report, there are 49,348 foreign students studying in the various educational institutes of the country.

Most of the foreign students are studying in Maharastra, Karnataka, Delhi, Bengal and Andhra Pradesh. These students are enrolled in various courses, including graduation, post-graduation, M Phil, doctorate (Ph D) and certificate courses. 

Most of the students are enrolled for graduation courses, around 277 of them. Few students are studying M Phil and other post-graduate courses.

There are only four foreign students who are doing PhD in Goa -- one female and three males. Thirty-seven students are doing post-graduation while one is doing M Phil. Out of those 37 students who are doing post-graduation, 24 are males and 13 girl students. There are five students who are doing various certificate courses.

Meanwhile, as per the report, Goa is one of the states which has a good student-to-teacher ratio at the higher education level. In Goa, we have there is one teacher for every 15 students in higher education institutes. 

In the country, this ratio is one teacher per every 26 students.

At the college level, we have one teacher for every 17 students while in the country at the college level there is one teacher for every 32 students.   

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