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Survey of 2 cities, villages along SWR track ordered

Process aimed at settling record of rights

THE GOAN NETWORK | MAY 27, 2023, 12:52 AM IST

Margao and Vasco beside3s 27 villages through which the South Western Railway cuts through will be surveyed to establish record of rights, a notification has said.

The Directorate of Settlement and Land Records has been directed to conduct the survey of two cities – Margao and Vasco – besides 27 other revenue villages.

The survey is aimed at settling the record of rights in areas where the South Western Railway’s track cuts through.

The 27 revenue villages where the survey will be done are from the five talukas of Mormugao, Salcete, Quepem, Sanguem and Dharbandora.

Mormugao taluka accounts for Pale, Cansaulim, Chicalim, Dabolim, Issorcim, Velsao, Arrosim and Sancoale. In Salcete, the villages of Majorda, Calata, Dicarpale, Chandor, Davorlim, Utorda, Seraulim, Sao Jose de Areal, Cuncolim and Duncolim will be surveyed.

Curchorem, Xelvona, Odar, Xic Xelvona and Assolda are marked for the survey while in Dharbandora the villages of Sonaulim, Caranzol and Colem figure in the list.

Calem in Sanguem taluka is also listed for the survey.

Noting that the government had carried out a survey of the revenue villages in 1968-71 and promulgated the Record of Rights by assigning survey numbers to the various land parcels, the notification said some lands in possession of the SWR had not been assigned any survey numbers.

“Hence no Record of Rights was created in the nature of Form D in respect of land in possession and occupation of the South Western Railways,” it said, adding the present survey is initiated to prepare Record of Rights.

The issue of railway authorities working on the controversial double-tracking project trespassing in private properties has been at the centre of a prolonged tussle between agitators against the project and the authorities.

Through this survey, the State government is now hoping to resolve the matter permanently.

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