Tuesday 13 Apr 2021

The show is on, raves continue at Anjuna

Anjuna police inspector directed to act against club for planning party without sound permission


While rave parties continue non-stop along the Anjuna coast, Deputy Collector of Bardez has directed Anjuna Police to take action against a nightclub in Vagator for planning an event on April 4 without obtaining the mandatory sound permission.

Deputy Collector Kapil Phadte in a memorandum to the Anjuna police inspector informed that no sound permission has been obtained for the event “Maxxim” to be held at Chronicle, a nightclub at Ozran in Vagator on April 4 from 5 pm onwards.

“No sound permission under rule 5 (1) of the Noise Pollution (Regulation & Control) Rules, 2000 is obtained from this office by Chronicle to hold the event on April 4. You are directed to take necessary action and submit compliance report,” Phadte said.

But despite issuing show-cause notices to nightclubs and memorandums to police, the deputy collector’s action appears to have made no impact in controlling the high decibel parties along the coast, leave alone stopping them.

Chronicle, a shack-cum-nightclub right on the beach at Ozran-Vagator, has been the hub for rave parties along with several other clubs and hotels dotting the Anjuna coastal belt.

In fact, Chronicle has been running a vigorous online advertising campaign of rave parties starting from Friday (April 2), Saturday (April 3) and culminating with the “Maxxim” event on Sunday (April 4).

Several clubs/shacks like UV Bar, Curlies, Shiva Valley, Larive, Pinakkin, etc along the Anjuna coastline have 

received notices from the deputy collector, but continue to hold loud parties.

Concerned locals have time and again made several complaints to Anjuna police and top officials in the administration against loud music without any success.

Complaints have also been addressed to Chief Minister Pramod Sawant, but no action has been forthcoming.

“I have been flooding the inbox of every top officer in the police hierarchy and the district administration against the loud music, but there has been no proactive response from any of the departments. This only indicates that these parties have political patronage,” said Desmond Alvares, a resident of Assagao and a former High Court appointed member for loud music.

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