Tourists rescued off Baga and Colva

The Goan Network | JUNE 10, 2024, 02:08 AM IST


Goa beaches may wear a deserted look with the first monsoon rains hitting the state, but despite warnings making the entire coast a no-go zone for swimming, at least two drowning tourists got lucky on Sunday afternoon as tourist police who were patrolling came to their rescue.

At Colva, the cops patrolling the beach came to the rescue of 24-year-old Nancy Verma with the help of lifeguards there. When rains hit Goa, the State’s beaches are usually deserted, but Verma was lucky that the tourist police were around on Sunday.

She had come to Goa on a visit from Lucknow in Uttar Pradesh and on Sunday had entered the waters at Colva beach around noon.

Unable to negotiate the swirling waters which often turn rough when the rain hits, she panicked. Tourist police constables Nikhil Naik, Chetan Gawde, Mohammad Asif, and Shweta Devidas happened to be patrolling the area and rushed to her rescue. Lifeguards Kishan Naik and Sameer Warip also assisted in the rescue operation.

Elsewhere in the north, tourist policemen along with lifeguards pulled out 24-year-old Siddharth Kamadoli who was struggling in the waters at Baga beach. Kamadoli had come from Hubli in Karnataka.

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