Tree collapse damages portion of house in Sanvordem

The Goan Network | JUNE 10, 2024, 02:05 AM IST
Tree collapse damages portion of house in Sanvordem

A portion of a house in Sanvordem was damaged after a tree collapsed on it late Saturday night.

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Late on Saturday, a large tree collapsed onto Girish Vast’s house in Baag Sanvordem.

Speaking to reporters, Vast said he had previously alerted the authorities about the danger posed to his family and home by the nearby tree.

The authorities had been aware of the tree and its potential threat but were unable to remove it due to nearby residential buildings.

Vast explained that at the time of the incident, his father, who usually sleeps in the damaged part of the house, had moved to another room, averting a major tragedy.

The fire brigade later cleared the fallen tree. Vast estimated his loss at Rs 1,50,000 and requested immediate financial assistance from the authorities to repair his house.

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