Truckers call for early resumption of mining activities


President of Margao Salcete Truck Owners Association Franky Gomes has demanded the early resumption of mining activities so that the truck owners get business of transporting ore.

Franky also questioned the movement by the NGOs against double-tracking and coal, saying any stoppage of coal will leave the truck owners high and dry, denying them business of transporting coal from the MPT.

Addressing the media, Franky said that full-fledged mining operations will provide business to all the 12000 truck owners. “There are around 12,000 trucks registered for mining in the state. Last year, trucks from outside Quepem could not get any business since there was limited resumption of ore transportation,” he said, while making a plea to the CM to resume full-fledged mining operations.

He also took potshots at NGOs for opposing coal and double-tracking. Franky questioned the NGOs for opposing double-tracking in Sao Jose de Areal and allowing stone crushers in the village. 

“Why are the people not opposing stone crushers in Sao Jose de Areal when the dust has settled as far away as Chandor, destroying fields,” he questioned, saying that he would come down heavily on the stone crushers in Areal if the NGOs continue to oppose coal transportation.

“How are the truck owners supposed to survive when the NGOs stop coal transportation, mining and sand transportation. We have invested huge money in the trucks and are paying the annual fees of the vehicles,” he said, adding that the government should allow ore, coal and sand transportations in the state.

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