Tuesday 15 Jun 2021


Coastal zone plan hearing slated for July 8 but the site at present sits atop stinking 'Mount Garbage'

| JUNE 11, 2021, 01:30 AM IST

MINI SONSODO IN THE MAKING: The mini-waste dump at the SGPDA parking lot.

Photo Credits: Santosh Mirajkar

Ignored by authorities and powers that be for long now, this waste dump right in front of the SGPDA bustling mega market complex has thrown up a moot question – will this eyesore and a health hazard be fixed before the Goa Coastal Zone Management Authority (GCZMA) holds a public hearing for South Goa coastal plan at the PDA parking lot on July 8?

For years, authorities have not bothered to fix the festering waste issue at the SGPDA parking lot when children regularly take to the ground to practice skating and others to learn driving. That’s not all. While traders and vendors had to compromise with the stench emanating from the dump, shoppers were left with no choice but to park their vehicles adjacent to the dump for want of parking space.

A visit to the SGPDA parking area revealed that all is not well around the place, especially Sulabh toilet block. Only recently, the Goa Waste Management Corporation (GWMC) had cleared baled plastic and dry waste from the spot, but the problem seems to be far from over.

Stink pervades the area as daily waste find its way to the site, turning the place into a Sonsodo-like dumping ground. The area has become a perfect ground for stray animals to feast on the waste.

The entire area is enveloped by foul odour and the situation is attributed to the leachate that has accumulated over the years at the dump. In fact, thick black colour leachate was found flowing from the dump.

The situation at the adjoining Sulabh toilet block is no better. The toilet was found shut, leaving hundreds of traders and vendors to answer nature’s call in the open around the block.

The stagnant water right in front of the toilet block only reinforced the belief that the place was left to rot for want of attention and maintenance.

South Goa Additional Collector Surendra Naik confirmed that the waste dump at the far corner of the SGPDA parking lot is a matter for concern. After inspecting the site for the proposed CZMP hearing scheduled for July 8, Surendra asked the district authorities to dash off a letter to the Margao Municipal Council to clean up the entire area. “After our inspection revealed that the waste dump is lying at the corner of the PDA parking lot, it was decided to send a letter to the MMC Chief Officer to get the area cleared of the waste”, Surendra told ‘The Goan’.

With the crater-filled SGPDA main ground opposite the district Court building has been ruled out as the site for the July 8 hearing, the PDA parking ground is being zeroed in for the coastal plan hearing.

“We will ensure that the parking lot is totally rid of the waste dump. The entire place should be free from any eyesore. We will get the parking lot ready in all respects around a week before the public hearing to ensure the place does not pose any risk to the public”, informed the Additional Collector, South.

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