Mauvin sore over Navy clause



Panchayats Minister Mauvin Godinho was upset with the Navy’s NOC clause and said it would be required even for proposals under disaster management and regularisation of housing tenements under the Goa Housing Board (GHB).

Speaking to reporters after a meeting of Mormugao Planning Development Authority (MPDA), Godinho said the issue would be taken up with the Centre as it was the only alternative.

"Even to build a small shed near a police station in Sancoale under the disaster management, we have to obtain a NOC from Navy, which means that even the disaster management works need a Naval NOC.”

“Secondly, there are 40-year-old tenements under the GHB which had to be regularised and the board sent the files to the Mormugao Municipal Council (MMC), who in turn, sent it to the MPDA. But for that too, we have no approvals.” 

“We have to obtain Navy’s NOC if we have to regularise 40-year-old tenements of the GHB.”

“We will take up the matter at the Centre, which is the only alternative because if we have to go to the Navy for every small construction, it is not correct," said Godinho.

MPDA should shut down, let Navy take over: Alina


Cortalim MLA Alina Saldanha on Wednesday insisted  that Naval rules could not be applicable in a small state like  Goa.

“Going by the manner in which Navy is coming out with its new rules and regulations, I think MPDA should shut down and let the Navy take over. The way the Navy is calling the shots, the Navy will soon be the government of Goa,” said.

Alina, while speaking to reporters after a Mormugao Planning and Development Authority (MPDA) meeting.

“On a serious note, I think we have to know exactly the rules and regulations and the areas of security. This has to be studied thoroughly in comparison with what is happening in other states because Goa should not be taken for a ride.” 

“The most important factor that has to be considered by the Centre is the size of Goa, what is possible in other states is not possible in the tiny state of Goa,” said Saldanha.  

“Right now, the manner in which the Navy is proceeding, many buildings may probably have to be demolished and we cannot do this. We cannot allow Goa to be taken for granted,” said Saldanha.

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