Tuesday 15 Jun 2021

Salcete hospitals bear brunt as docs, nurses get infected

THE GOAN NETWORK | MAY 09, 2021, 01:02 AM IST


The Covid pandemic seemed to have not spared anyone, even the healthcare workers working round-the-clock in the hospitals and the health centres in the battle against the coronavirus.

In fact, doctors, nurses and paramedics working in the South Goa district hospital, besides the health centres in Salcete and outside, are down with Covid, putting a strain on the existing health care system.

Those recovered from the deadly virus have returned for work, while others are still recuperating in the hospitals or under home isolation.

As many as six doctors attached to the South Goa district hospital, which is the main Covid hospital in the district, are presently down with Covid. A couple of nurses are also infected by the virus, putting pressure on the already stretched out infrastructure and logistics in the hospital.

South Goa district hospital nodal officer, Dr Rajesh Patil informed that the strength of doctors and paramedics at the South Goa district has come down in the last few days after the hospital doctors and nurses were infected by the virus. “When the manpower is stretched out totally in a pandemic situation, everyone should bear in mind that the replacements are hard to come by and there’s load on the existing doctors and staff, more so when the hospital is playing host to 530-odd patients at any given time”, Dr Patil said.

He added: “People should bear in mind the manpower situation at the hospital. As far as the treatment is concerned, we make it sure the patients get the best of treatment”.

Inquiries by The Goan with a number Health Centres in Salcete have revealed that a couple of doctors as well as the paramedics have been down with Covid. Couple of days back, Curtorim Health Officer, Dr Vallabh Nadkarni was seen manning the hospital late evening after his colleague had tested positive for coronavirus. Another doctor, attached to a health centre in Salcete was undergoing treatment for Covid, putting pressure on the already crumbling logistics in place at the health centre.

At the Balli Health centre, a couple of nurses had tested positive for coronavirus, but they have all joined duties after their recovery.

Information from the ESI hospital, Margao which houses around 234 patients on any given day and time also had its share of doctors and nurses infected with coronavirus. “We managed to handle the situation with the existing staff as one cannot expect the replacements to come from the system. Most of the nurses and paramedics have resumed duties and are back in the hospital attending to the patients”, informed ESI hospital Medical Superintendent, Dr Vishwajit Faldesai.

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