Tuesday 15 Jun 2021

Anxiety grips seamen over 2nd dose of Covid vaccine

THE GOAN NETWORK | JUNE 11, 2021, 12:55 AM IST


The South Goa district Collector, Ruchika Katyal, IAS has designated all the deputy Collectors and Sub-divisional Magistrates in South Goa as Competent Authority for according permission within their jurisdiction for administration of 2nd dose of Covishield as per the Standard Operating procedure (SOP).

Officials, however, said the changes in the vaccination of the second dose for the intended beneficiaries have still not been included in the portal till Thursday evening. Sources said the seafarers and other categories of beneficiaries will have to wait to take the second anti-Covid doses till the changes figure in the portal.

With the district Collector designating the deputy Collectors in the district as the competent authority, the government has set in motion the process wherein the beneficiaries including the seafarers intending to undertake international travel, education, employment in foreign country can take the second dose after producing the prescribed documents.

The order designating the competent authority is mandated as per the requirement of sub clause (b) of clause 3 of SOP, wherein the State Government has been told to authorize District Collectors to designate required number of Officers as Competent Authority for according permission for such administration of 2nd dose of Covishield.

The SOP on administration of 2nd dose of Covishield vaccine prior to prescribed time travel (after 28 days but before 84 days) has been issued for the beneficiaries, including persons intending to undertake international travel for education purpose, for joining employment in foreign countries and for India’s contingent to Tokyo Olympics.

The Goan understands that the many an anxious seafarer, who has been waiting for the second dose, made inquiries at the health centres in Salcete, but were told that the changes have not been included in the portal.

Goan Seafarers Association of India president Frank Viegas said that the government should use its good offices to ensure that the promises made in respect of the second dose for certain categories of individuals, including seafarers are implemented without any further delay.

Left with no option, seafarers eligible for the second Covid dose without completing 84 days have now decided to visit the office of the deputy Collectors on Friday to obtain permission for the dose after submitting their documents.

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